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I have recently had 2 readings with Georgia which were about different areas of my life. Both readings were accurate and comprehensive in terms of what is currently happening to me and those around me.

From the get go the information flowed and Georgia was very clear I should only ask the question I wanted answering and no more.

Having validated the situations affecting me and those around me, Georgia talked about the outcomes, some of which have already started to happen.

For the readings alone I would highly recommend Georgia, however, on a Friday evening Georgia holds a live session on Facebook where anyone can join. The session focuses on a particular Angel/spiritual subject, special healing with Angels was the subject this week and all of those who join the live feed are made to feel very welcomed, comfortable about listening and contributing. The group atmosphere is very warm, friendly and funny. Georgia then, to those who want, gives a mini reading from the Angels. I feel truly blessed to have been introduced to both Georgia and the group💗 - KW

I had a lovely reading from Georgia. I got sent through a YouTube video and I was in tears of relief after the first 5 minutes!

I watched the live [Facebook] readings a few times and I was always REALLY impressed at her gifts. She has such a good intuition on anyone that she connects with. She did a reading for me on the live video but I got a bit confused with the message the angels were sending me, but now they make sense. I wanted some guidance so I decided to have a reading from her.

Everything she mentions in my reading she has sent through is incredible. I feel really really hopeful and completely relieved and relaxed at my situation. She’s confirmed everything I needed to hear and has given me some amazing insight as well. It’s given me hope, joy and positivity. Absolutely spot on with everything that was said.

I can’t thank you enough! You are absolutely amazing for what you do and I am so thankful for my lovely reading. Such a lovely, funny person and I love listening to your calm voice too! I’ll let you know what happens in the next few months to see if what you saw comes true! (No doubt they will!!)

Can’t recommend her enough. Incredible gifts and connections. It’s made me so much more at peace  -  RR

Amazing reading on the live feed, spot on and your words were really reassuring and comforting. I feel fortified! Thank you so much, you're amazingly talented!!💗 - LK

Thank you for my live reading. She was spot on! Instantly picked up about my migraines and asthma and also she mentioned smoke (she could smell it!) which is incredible. Earlier on in the live video she said the same thing to someone else. She had no idea that was my partner! I have never been more surprised at how accurate this lady is. I will defiantly be looking for a private reading soon! Thank you. Bless 🙌  -  GB

Takes my Breath away How Georgia is so Right On. Very Tender at times, Funny, Sweet, Very Caring and True 💗💗 - SS

Yesterday Georgia gave me a reading saying that I need to leave my past relationships in the past where they belong and to move forward with my new relationship that is okay. She also mentioned that an ex would come out of the woodwork regretting having lost me. Today an old flame hit me up regretting letting me go. All I have to say is wow and sorry buddy you're too late  -  DC

A beautiful soul . My reading was spot on, advice was great - just what was needed.Thank you so much lovely lady xx  - PI

Had a great reading with Georgia! She was insightful, accurate and provided very useful guidance which I desperately needed to help me move forward with a situation. Thanks so much, I know I’ll be seeking your counsel again  -  BV

Beautiful reading. You were right when you said someone was very angry with me. ones I am in the process of forgiving. I do need to let go of a lot.........
The reading tonight was very accurate. I recommend Angelic Reiki Silver and Gold to everyone. They are amazing Xx. Namaste  -  SC

Wow that’s all I can say!! Absolutely brilliant reading, would highly recommend to anyone, such a lovely lady! ❤️  -  AJ

As an established Healer, I took this course as part of my Personal Development. The weekend workshop was easy to get to, well thought out and catered. Georgia guided the meditations well and looked after us energetically. The Guided Meditations were lovely and the energies after the downloads were different - it took adjusting to and were fine after a few days. Life certainly changed in the weeks afterwards - for the better - and continue to. I am very happy to have achieved my Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 with Georgia. Another Healing Modality I can use on my clients, myself etc. Thank you  -  TC

I think Georgia is very good, the short reading that she gave me was spot on, thank you so much  -  DM

My reading was spot on. Everything resonated with me. I am coming out of a dark place with a new found strength, and I was already certain my new course in life was the right one, it was great to have confirmation. 
It was especially nice to hear there was nothing wrong with me... everything right with me... I had my head messed up a bit last year and I’m only just coming to terms with what really went on.
Thank you. I recommend this lovely lady to anyone who needs spiritual guidance. ♥️  -  AT

Such a beautiful lady. Spot on with her readings - such an amazing kind lovely soul.Thank you so much for my reading - I feel so much better ❤️❤️❤️❤️  -  BD

Oh this lovely lady is amazing... always a pleasure to listen to and is always spot on ❤️  -  AS

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