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The Art of Letting Go

How do we let go? Release? Free ourselves?

There are times when letting go is really easy. When situations in life come to a head say, or when we simply require a change. This could be a big letting go or a little one. It may be euphoric or twinged with guilt.

There are other times when letting go SEEMS impossible. When situations in life are intertwined with emotions, namely love say, or when the inevitable outcome is the complete opposite of our desire and goal. When caught between really tough decisions (rock and hard place).

Releasing is a decision. Weighing up the pros and cons helps. Following gut instinct helps. Going by past experiences helps. Knowing ourselves helps. Looking at what is best for another or others involved helps. Love is central, be it Self Love or love for our fellow beings. Love.

There are different types of love. Some are blessed to experience many types in a lifetime. The most precious and difficult to find and, therefore, release is Enduring Love (the ancient Greeks called it Pragma) and Selfless Love (the ancient greeks called it Agape).

Enduring Love is that between people who, through working together (patience, compromise, tolerance) over a sustained period of time, have maintained Love. Not just an attribute of couples but of longterm friends, including friendships of a lifetime.

Selfless Love is that pure love. That regardless love. That inspite of love. The love that is the closest we can get to the Divine/God/Source. The love that unites Atheists and Theists. The love that unites.

This is the key to releasing. THE KEY TO LETTING GO.

Energy is forever changing. Release is change. Releasing with Pure Love allows for natural progression, honouring what was and belief that, because Love never dies, the essence/ the goodness of what was never dies.

By incorporating Pure Love in our decisions of release/letting go, we can come to the best decision. We allow for what is best. This allows for the lessening of the pain we feel when we let go. Letting go CAN hurt. By holding on we hurt ourselves. We cannot manifest the best. This is true for all involved. Pure Love decisions lead to the best for ALL involved.

Send Love and Light to that who or which is being released. Ask for Angelic assistance. Grant the Angels permission to help and guidance. The best result will be obtained and, if pain is to be encountered by another or others, then it WILL be MINIMAL.

One of the most painful things we can do in life is releasing someone who has passed over/died. Especially if it is someone we have known and loved for a very long time. We need to release the person for the next part of their evolution. Their change of energy. The Angels can and will assist here too. By not saying an adequate goodbye and See You Later, we hold on. This is detrimental to both.

By saying an adequate goodbye to any situation is exercising Pure Love and releasing/letting go in the best possible manner!

Angels Padael, Hadakiel, Matriel, Machidiel, Camael and Archangel Michael.

LOVE is key at this moment. WIN!!! For s

Love is Key

Heal yourself of that negativity. That knot or hollow or dense feeling in your chest? Uncomfortable isn't it?
Simply acknowledge it, as in be aware of it, and ask Archangel Raphael to remove it and transmute it. That negativity will be changed to positivity as you open your Heart Chakra, working with Archangel Raphael.

*Hint: Watch your eyesight and/or surroundings become clearer and brighten. Confirmation, along with the feeling akin to joy and contentedness.

Thoughts may have become fearful. An unwarranted feeling of dread. Anger from frustration about nothing. A dull pain in the chest and upper back. - Signs that this work is needed. It takes a few seconds is all! During these times, you may find you have to do it a few times - the energies are heavy.

Archangel Raphael

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